ResponseWare turns mobile devices into a virtual clicker. Participants can respond to interactive questions with any web-enabled device including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. ResponseWare allows participants to respond via the Internet through any web browser and immediately transfers selections to TurningPoint polling software. A variety of purchasing and licensing options are available to meet the needs of any polling environment. Android™ and Apple® apps are available for both phones and tablets. Engage and assess with familiar devices.
ResponseWare allows users to respond to multiple styles of questions using QWERTY keyboard input. Question types include multiple-choice, alphanumeric, multiple response and short answer questions. ResponseWare also displays the question and answer choices on the device during polling. It is compatible with TurningPoint software.

Tutorial Videos

ResponseWare for Presenters

ResponseWare for iOS Devices

ResponseWare for Android Devices

ResponseWare with Browsers

Latest version ResponseWare 2.0 offers significant enhancements to the mobile response application. ResponseWare 2.0 accounts are now tied to our new Turning Account system that offers one, central location to manage all response devices. One login will access both ResponseWare and Turning Accounts.

ResponseWare Features:

  • Enhanced user interface available through new apps
  • Increased security properly safeguards student data
  • Decreased bandwidth improves response transmissions
  • Support for pictures and HTML in questions and answers with TurningPoint Cloud
  • Backchanneling capabilities for increased communications with TurningPoint Cloud

User Options

iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or tablet users can download app versions to take advantage of the specific features and functionality available with the device. Other devices can access the browser-based version available at

Blended Solution

Our hybrid solution combines clickers and ResponseWare for use in the same environment. All response options work together and provide support to institutions with varying levels of internet connectivity, presenters who limit the use of mobile devices and participants who do not have web-enabled devices available.

Licensing Models

Turning Technologies offers a variety of ResponseWare licensing models to best meet your presentation needs and environment.
Please contact your sales representative to find the best solution in order to meet your needs.

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