How Twitch has become essential for online casinos?

For a few years now, the Twitch platform has been at the heart of online casinos’ strategies. This strategy aims at attracting new players and customers with ever more exciting streams of new online slots. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon!

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What is Twitch?

The first legitimate question you may ask yourself is “what the hell is Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform where users of the site can both watch and broadcast content. The platform is completely free and allows gamers from all walks of life to follow their favourite influencers and video game players.

This is where online casino games come in, because yes, slot games or table games are also considered video games. This particularity of the internet is the strength and diversity of Twitch, which allows anyone to broadcast their games live to the whole world.

Influencers grow a loyal community that follows them for their content and online casinos have understood that this could be beneficial to both players and themselves.

Benefits for online casinos and players?

Like all platforms and other businesses, online casinos need promotion. However, marketing is reinventing itself very quickly on the Internet and our favourite platforms have several options: developing their social networks, doing old-fashioned mailings, but also contacting popular players on Twitch who already have their own social networks and a more consistent strike force than any structure that is not publicly embodied.

When we look at the problem, this solution seems to be the easiest to set up for one-off promotions. For example, for the release of a new slot machine or a new bonus offered by the casino. Player-influencers can then be loaned money by an online casino to play their games live and thus encourage their viewers to sign up and play the regularly added bonuses and new slot machines.

The terms of the promotion contracts are not well known as they are confidential, but in most cases, the influencers keep all the winnings they can make during the promotion which can quickly be profitable.

Stay alert to scams

If everyone seems to be a winner in the deal, you still need to take a step back from this type of operation which is sometimes rigged.

Indeed, very rare cases of cheating have been reported in the United States with accounts offered to influencers who could not lose and who then had an RTP (rate of return to the player) much higher than the base game in order to create a spectacle for the influencer’s broadcast and push players to register on the online casino.

If you are interested in the world of Twitch and online casino game influencers and you also want to broadcast your games, you can make it easy!