Network like a Pro!


DATE:  Thursday, November 12, 2015

TIME:  2:00 – 3:00 PM (Eastern)

WEBINAR:  Network Like a Pro! featuring communication expert Marion Grobb Finkelstein (www. MarionSpeaks.com)

WHO SHOULD SIGN UP FOR THIS WEBINAR?  Business people who want to get the most out of conferences, workshops, tradeshows and other networking opportunities. Especially useful for those who feel uncomfortable in mix’n mingle circumstances and don’t know how to identify and leverage the valuable opportunities.  Perfect timing for those individuals planning to attend large events such as the CSTD / #I4PL15 Conference and Tradeshow, or simply to master networking in the upcoming festive social events.

DURATION: 60 Minute interactive webinar

DESCRIPTION: Networking opportunities abound. They build relationships … and business. Knowing how to network before, during and after the event maximizes the benefits that await you. Networking is not what it used to be, so this interactive webinar touches on the various vehicles and methods you can put to use immediately to connect with your clients, colleagues, bosses and employees at your very next networking opportunity.


  • Easy ways to initiate a conversation
  • Body language that builds your confidence and welcomes others
  • 3 ways to end a conversation and move on
  • Tips on keeping the conversation going
  • How to stretch to meet others while still being authentic and true to yourself
  • Ways to connect before, during and after the event
  • Increased confidence … because you’ll know how!

This webinar will cover many of the tools and strategies to enable you to get the most out those networking opportunities you face. No need to feel awkward or out of place. You’ll know how to think, see, say and do to build your business, relationships and career, as you network like a pro!

Turning Technologies Canada Inc. mobile response technology solutions will be showcased throughout this interactive and engaging webinar.

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