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While TurningPoint allows you to track individual participants by name, by default it runs in what is called “Auto Mode”.  While in Auto Mode TurningPoint only gathers the Device ID number that has been programmed into the keypad during the manufacturing process.  For an extra layer of anonymity you can also set either the entire session to “Anonymous Mode” or select just some questions to be anonymous.

TurningPoint makes it very quick and easy to run your employee or public engagement sessions allowing you to poll simple multiple choice questions to demographics to open ended essay style responses.  You can run them as single large sessions with all participants in attendance or run them over a period of time.  Once the data has been collected you can easily combine multiple sessions or days into a single session file for overall reporting.

Absolutely!  TurningPoint provides features that allow you to see pre/post comparison data live during your presentation.  Our reporting system also allows you to do these comparisons following the session which can then be exported to Excel.

We provide two different ways for you to connect multiple locations together regardless of where they are located… all you need is an internet connection!

ResponseWare allows users to connect to a presentation using any web-enabled device that has a supported web-browser.  Once connected questions and answer options will be pushed to their device along with any results that are collected.

RemotePoll is the other option available to connect multiple locations.  RemotePoll requires each location to have their own TurningPoint Receiver and ResponseCards in order to participate in the presentation.  You will also need a method to broadcast the actual presentation to them (IE GotoMeeting, Webex, etc.)

You sure can!  TurningPoint has several competition features built into it allowing you to assign various point values to questions.  You can add any number of “Leaderboards” including Team Scores, Participant Scores and Fastest Responders.  Using the Wager Slide feature you can even add “Final Jeopardy” style questions to your competition.

Higher Education

On average TA’s are assigned about 25 hours per week to each instructor and about half that time is spent grading and running Scantron cards.  TurningPoint allows you to create in class quizzes and tests that can be graded in real-time and assigned to students immediately.  You can even run your midterms and final exams in TurningPoint to allow immediate grading.  Now TA hours can be applied to course research or other areas that need attention.

TurningPoint has several tools to give you and the class immediate feedback to each question.  By adding a correct answer indicator to a question you can provide the class with feedback after polling is complete.  The visual feedback of the chart will also let students know that they may not have been the only one in the room with a particular answer choice.

It’s a fact… increased engagement leads to higher grades and more retention.  TurningPoint on a basic level allows you to ask questions to keep students engaged in what is going on in class.  You can also use features like correct answer indicators, countdown timers, picture slides and even conditional branching to help your students feel more involved with learning.  TurningPoint can also track participation scores and let you know how many questions a student answered over a period of time.

With TurningPoint Cloud and Responseware you can now virtually eliminate all paper from your classroom.  Responseware now works with Self-Paced Polling and allows the students to view the complete list of questions in full detail on their device so you no longer need to provide a paper copy of the questions to each student.  Grading also happens in real-time as students progress through the session.

With increasingly tighter budgets year over year, you can easily save money on Scantron cards/devices, grading time, etc. with our Digital Assessment Suite.  The good news is that our system can be implemented at little to no cost for your Institution.


By default TurningPoint does not identify on screen how an individual student responds to a question.  This allows every student to answer every question without the fear of being incorrect or picking an answer option different than what other students selected.

TurningPoint has many features that can help increase your EQAO scores.  By using feedback features such as correct answer indicators, real-time charts and reporting you can provide your students with details about what areas they need to work on to increase scores.

Yes you can!  Our Examview Cloud product allows you to create a centralized database or questions sorted by grade, topics, difficulty and even region.  You can also have control over who can access what information and when.  Content can be easily printed for paper based testing but you can also pull your content into many of our other product for digital delivery.  Many book publishers are already creating content for Examview Cloud so there is a good chance you can hit the ground running with content already aligned to books you use in class.

Rental Events

Each TurningPoint Receiver will work with up to 1000 ResponseCards at a time.  You can accommodate several thousand participants by simply adding additional receivers on different channels.  Regardless of the number of participants TurningPoint can tabulate your results immediately.

Responseware is a quick and easy alternative to ResponseCards.  Licenses are quick and easily available for your next event allowing your participants to be involved from any web-enabled device anywhere in the world!

No problem!  You probably know the traditionally low response rates you get when you send a survey link to participants a few days after the event or session.  Why not take a couple of minutes to poll those same questions immediately following the session and get up to 100% of your participants giving you their feedback?

All our keypads can work together with any current RF receiver.  If your daily equipment will not cover the participants at your AGM you can simply rent the additional keypads (or Responseware) and have the equipment ready for you at your event venue.

We do offer on-site services to remove the stress of learning or implementing an unfamiliar technology at your next event.  Our on-site representatives can take care of running your polling slides and ensuring they run smoothly and seamlessly during your presentation.

The only time you need to worry about internet service is if you are using either of our web-based polling options.  If you are only using our ResponseCards during your event they run 100% on Radio-Frequency technology and do not require any sort of internet access to function.

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