Assessments Designed with Publisher Content


ExamView is a complete testing platform that simplifies assessment development and distribution. ExamView Assessment Suite is bundled with 11,000+ textbooks from over 65 leading publishers, so chances are it’s already in your textbook. NEW ExamView Cloud takes the best of the desktop software, offering an online platform for test authoring and management with instant access to material regardless of location.


Create customized
assignments and tests by
using robust authoring tools to
manage content.


Manage rosters, administer
assignments, gather results,
and analyze class and
student reports.


Students can take tests and
view study guides over a
local area network.


Convert and import
existing content from
properly formatted Word
files into ExamView.

Unique Test Generator and Assessment Experience


Use traditional question types such as true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, numeric response, matching, completion, short answer and essay to assess student learning.


With dynamic ExamView content, you can generate multiple iterations of questions that test the same concept. Bimodal questions allow you to toggle between two question types, multiple choice and short answer, immediately changing the difficulty level of an item.


Instantly change an assessment to a two-column format, rearrange the questions, use a pre-defined test style similar to a state assessment, add a header or footer or create up to 26 versions of a test.


Frequently assess, track and analyze learner performance with response systems. Our response systems are fully compatible with ExamView – seamless integration, automatic launching and importing of questions and answers, the sharpest image quality and absolute flawless tracking capabilities.

Learning Series is premium content for ExamView Assessment Suite.

More than 15,600 unique, high-quality assessment questions.

For use across K-12 English Language Arts, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.

One-to-one alignments to Webb’s Depth-of-Knowledge and Bloom’s Taxonomy Cognitive Levels.

One-to-one alignments to 40 States’ Standards and Core Curriculum Topics, Common Core State Standards for ELA and Math and Next Generation Science Standards.

Approximately 400,000 unique iterations in Math, Science and Social Studies.

A mix of traditional question types including multiple choice, bimodal, completion, numeric response, short answer and essay.


“Turning Technologies provides the resources to engage, monitor and track student learning. I have used ExamView over the years and love having the two linked together.”

Cynthia Dyes
Region 9 Education Service Center
Wichita Falls, Texas

“ExamView is a great product to practice concepts in all areas. The fact that I can actually develop tests is a real plus.”

Susan Maddalon
Sandhill Elementary School
Haines City, Florida

“The ease of using clicker software with ExamView makes Turning Technologies the clear choice in teacher lesson and assessment software.”

David Perrel
Anderson High School
Anderson, Indiana

The Perfect Desktop Assessment Tool for You

ExamView Assessment Suite is an easy-to use, powerful, desktop assessment solution designed to impact
instructional practices that improve student performance. ExamView is designed to make a significant
difference in your classroom.

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