Get Started with TurningPoint Cloud

We’re here to help you get started with TurningPoint Cloud. This page is specifically designed to guide you through transitioning to our latest software. If you have any questions that can’t be found here, feel free to contact your Sales Representative or Customer Support for assistance.

Why TurningPoint Cloud?

There are so many reasons to start using TurningPoint Cloud. These easy-to-digest documents outline the enhancements and benefits of TurningPoint Cloud:

For Instructors

Getting Started

To get started, check with your organization administrator if you would like an LMS integration with TurningPoint Cloud. Next, make sure you’ve created an account at https://account.turningtechnologies.com. Within your account, download TurningPoint Cloud by visiting the Downloads tab. Check out our User Guides for information on all of our products.

For Organization Admins

Organization Setup

First things first, you will need a TurningCloud Organization Structure. Organization structures connect all users with the identified email domains. This allows admins to view a list of organization users, license status, manage subscriptions and more! Create an account at https://account.turningtechnologies.com first, and then request an organization structure.

LMS Setup

If you have a campus-wide LMS, you’ll need an integration for the LMS and TurningCloud to talk to one another. Please complete the LMS Setup form. We recommend LMS Admins to submit this request.

LMS Integrations

For questions about LMS integrations and how an integration will benefit your instructors and students, check out our LMS Documentation.

Hosting Agreement

If you use Canvas or Brightspace, you’ll need a Hosting Agreement. Request the agreement from your Sales Representative.

Single Sign-On Integration

We currently support Shibboleth and CAS for Single Sign-On. If you would like a Single Sign-On Integration, or have questions, submit a Single Sign-On request.

Bulk Upload

If you are looking to upload all students and provide licensing or upload all instructors, we can help! Submit a Bulk Upload request and we will upload your users from the Bulk Upload Template with First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Country. Other fields are optional.

For Everyone

Requesting Training

If you are looking for one-on-one help or faculty training,  our Training Team is happy to assist just send them an email.

Request a Feature

Is there a feature we’re missing that you would like? Please let us know by submitting a feature request and we’ll be happy to look into it! Please include your contact information including phone number for us to contact you to find out more about your suggestion.

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