Instructor-Led Classes

Classes provide instant access to accredited support staff during live, online courses. Typically an hour in length, classes are offered multiple times each week to accommodate varying schedules.

PLEASE NOTE: Sessions may include other organizations and are limited to 20 participants. Participants are muted upon entry into the webinar. Please contact training@turningtechnologies.ca for more information or customized training topics and times.

TurningPoint desktop – PowerPoint Polling  (60 minutes)

The PowerPoint Polling training class is designed to get you up and running using the direct integration with PowerPoint. By the end of the training, users can expect to fully understand the PowerPoint Polling application and begin using it immediately.

Topics Include:

  • Downloading the Software
  • Creating a Turning Account
  • Creating Presentation
  • Hardware /ResponseWare Setup
  • Running a Presentation
  • Saving Sessions
  • Generating Reports

PowerPoint Polling – Additional Topics (60 Minutes)

This class is intended to follow the New User Class.  We will pick up where the previous class left off and continue to build on the basic functionality of the PowerPoint Polling Environment.

Topics Include:

  • Converting a PowerPoint Slide
  • Demographic Comparison
  • Comparative Links
  • Competitions
  • Picture Slides
  • Session Management

Turning Account Administration (30 mins)

This session is intended for administrators of your TurningCloud Organization structure.  Regular users do not need to sign up for this session.

Topics Include:

  • Adding users to your organization.
  • Allocating licenses to users.
  • Deallocating licenses.

Anywhere Polling (60 Minutes)

This class explores the Anywhere Polling Environment.  Users can take this class without having participated in either PowerPoint Polling class.

Topics Include:

  • Turning Account Setup
  • Hardware/Software Setup
  • Quick Polling
  • Polling with a Question List
  • Saving Sessions
  • Editing a Session

Self-Paced Polling (60 Minutes)

This class will cover the Self-Paced Polling Environment.  Participants to not need to have participated in prior classes to attend this class.

Topics Include:

  • Creating a Turning Account
  • Downloading the Software
  • Building Question Lists/Answer Keys
  • Facilitating Test
  • ResponseCard Setup
  • Saving Sessions
  • Generating Reports

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