VIP Program

Did you know that VIP players in gaming houses enjoy many promotions on a daily basis? These are actually rewards for their loyalty within a casino. VIP stands for “Very Important Person” and could also be translated as “Very Important Player” in the gaming environment. Let’s see what programs are reserved for these important players in virtual casinos.

How to become a VIP?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, we think it would be a good idea to look at how an ordinary player becomes a VIP. It is important to know that this title is not obtained randomly, as online casinos only introduce it to satisfy a category of players.  Here are the main possible cases:

The customer is a regular at the casino

In addition to playing regularly at the same casino, the VIP must be accustomed to depositing a certain amount of money when playing. When his deposits have reached a certain amount, for example, C$4,000, he will be classified as a player receiving special treatment. In fact, not many casinos display the figure that a player has to reach in order to become a VIP, as the player only becomes aware of his change in status when he receives his VIP invitation. This means that he has proven himself in the gaming house.

The player makes a huge deposit

On his very first visit to a casino, the player could make a deposit of, for example, C$1000. This will attract the attention of the customer service. The customer service department will quickly consider the player’s case. And upon request, the player is immediately classified as a VIP.

The player does not only use the bonus to play

The behaviour of the player could also determine the inclusion in the VIP program. If he plays without abusing bonuses, with acceptable bets, this would be a positive point for him. The age of the account could also be added as a criterion for ascending to this status. Furthermore, if the player feels that he is already a regular customer of the casino, that he needs recognition as such, he could also ask the casino to look into his case.

There are also VIP programs that are almost automatic, and you will simply grow in levels according to your stakes. The more you play, the more benefits you will get!

The benefits of becoming a VIP

Joining a VIP program is only for a handful of players, otherwise, it would be worthless. The benefits of this program are legion and can vary from one online casino to another. However, there are some similarities between them such as:

  • Obtaining larger and more frequent bonuses. The VIP player could receive a loyalty bonus, which does not require a deposit, or bonuses with a higher percentage and no wagering requirements (e.g. having 30 or 40% bonuses on all deposits).
  • Acquiring cashback, i.e. you get 20% or 30% of all your losses back.
  • Access to new games before other players, so you can take advantage of exclusivities.
  • Faster payouts and the ability to make larger withdrawals. Typically the time to request a withdrawal is reduced from 48 hours to 12 hours or even a few hours, and it becomes easier to withdraw large amounts of money, which is very useful when winning a progressive jackpot!
  • Special invitations to events.
  • Receiving gifts in kind. This shows that the VIP player is part of an influential group of people in the gaming establishment. They could receive gifts such as tablets, trips, etc.
  • Promotions only available to VIP members.
  • A dedicated support team

Is joining VIP programs a good idea?

If the player is a curious person who is just trying out the casino’s games, the VIP program is of no interest to him. But if he no longer considers the game as entertainment, but focuses on his winnings, this status can certainly help him to access bigger winnings. If he also spends a lot of time online, depositing a certain amount from time to time, membership in this program would not be out of place. The only drawback is that the player would have to play more often. The casino also expects the player to continue depositing a consistently good amount.