Learning that’s
Bold, Creative & Inspirational

Interactive audience response technology allows trainers to engage all participants, inspire conversations and share new ideas. Identify the needs and opinions of your audience through real-time feedback and track training effectiveness.

Your Success is Our Mission

We’re here to make learning enjoyable, efficient and effective.


Contribute as an effective
employee by understanding
your strengths and weaknesses
at all times.


Offer interactive learning experiences
that will make your training events


Analyze every training to understand
effectiveness and make data
driven changes.

The Learning Cycle


Connect with learners unlike you have before. Our solutions have raised engagement in the classroom by 94%.


Work should be a labor of love. Trainers have increased workplace productivity by 30%.


Employee success begins with effective training. With our tools, others have boosted training scores by 35%.


Trainers have seen discussion enhanced by 60% through personalized instruction. Share new ideas and spark conversation.


You have lots of material to cover in a short amount of time. Interactive learning environments have made 91% of participants feel more strongly about what they have learned.

Our Audience Response System Portfolio for Trainers

From the Fortune 500 boardroom to the military training field, Turning Technologies provides
versatile tools for all learning environments. We work with thousands of businesses and
organizations around the world.


ExamView is the platform for
you to create, administer and
manage your content with ease.


Deliver impactful material with
TurningPoint through
interactive polling lessons.


Response devices are designed to
inspire new discussions and
better understanding of material.

Are you ready to take interactive learning to the next level?

Your success involves the pairing of data collection solutions with proven
learning techniques. Do more than just instruct. Inspire and engage your audience.


See how others are inspiring their audience with
learning technology.

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