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Make Learning
Interactive and Memorable

Our easy-to-use educational tools help instructors identify student progress through real-time feedback.

Collect responses from all learners and prepare students for the future by increasing learning material effectiveness.


We cater our learning solutions to you

using our tested formula for learner success, pairing data collection with proven learning theories


Visually grasp your progress,
grades and attendance for all of
your courses.


Gather detailed reports for individuals
or classes to monitor every student.


Analyze every course to understand
the effectiveness and make
data-driven changes.

Our solutions enhance the complete Learning Cycle…


Engage and interact with every single student in the classroom. Student response systems have helped to increase engagement by 94%.


Student success starts with effective instruction. Test scores have increased by 11%.


Keep students from forgetting material and cultivate an environment of lifelong learning. Instructors have seen course retention improve by 40%.


Spread excitement and get your students motivated. With response technology, users have improved motivation by 93%.


Dive deep into difficult topics. Interactive learning environments have made 91% of their students feel more strongly about what they’ve learned.

…which makes learning enjoyable, efficient and effective

Achieve more with the leading Student Response System portfolio

Across Canada and the globe, used by the most respected institutions and over 20 million learners so far

The most trusted testing software. Create, administer and manage assessments using a variety of content. Support for instructor-led and self-paced delivery, the latest operating systems and LMS integrations. Flexible clicker or mobile response options.


Easy-to-use polling software provides enhanced tools to engage with your audience and identify their understanding. TurningPoint gathers detailed reports for meaningful, decision-making data important to you and your organization.


Our variety of response options for TurningPoint and ExamView provide solutions for every learning environment. Our tools vary from simple to full-featured to mobile, and they allow participants to respond to many different question types.


Do more than just instruct. Inspire and engage your learners.

We’re here to help you get started and ensure your success with proven learning techniques.


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